Who reads A Good Enough Newsletter?

People who are interested in both the weird old web and what tomorrow’s internet could become are reading our weekly screeds. Good Enough LLC is working on that new stuff while waxing poetic about the old stuff, and sharing our experiences along the way. Please, won’t you join us?

Who are we?

Good Enough is six people with a combined 100 years of experience working in web1 and web2. We’re hoping to skip right past web3 into some sort of elevated consciousness where we become one with the AI. Bound to fail more than succeed, we’re here to share our travails along the way. Follow along as we try to grow our company from zero to sustainably profitable in five years. 2027, here we come!

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Behind-the-scenes tinkerer, polisher and simplifier
One of six at goodenough.us. Happy to keep making internet for the people.
One of six at goodenough.us / Designer just trying to make life easier for people, one pixel at a time.